Are you missing a tooth or teeth and what a permanent solution? Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. They provide a permanent, fixed solution to edentulous areas in your mouth. While dentures or bridges used to be the only option, when a patient meets all criteria, implants are the best route. Dental implants require having a titanium “root” implant surgically placed into the upper jaw or lower jaw. After integration of the implant with your bone, a permanent implant supported crown is placed on the implant, much like a typical crown would be. This provides you with a natural, esthetic solution that will rejuvenate your smile.

Implants are important for several reasons, they restore function and confidence and they can support a bridge or a denture, making them easier to wear. After the loss of a tooth, our teeth tend to shift or drift into the space of a missing tooth. This can cause problems with our bite and even lead to TMJ pain. This can be avoided by filling the space with an implant to keep bone from deteriorating in these areas.

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